Our High-Quality Care Management Solutions

Care Management

The care managers at Life Care Consultants, Inc. specialize in assisting trust companies, guardians, and insurance carriers with care management for individuals with disabilities and complex medical conditions.

Our goal is to improve our clients’ access to healthcare, decrease complications, and lower healthcare costs through education, coordination of integrated healthcare, and utilization of community and government resources.

The care manager conducts a comprehensive client assessment in order to assess the client’s needs and works with the client to develop an individualized plan of care.

We provide ongoing support and education to the patient and family in implementing the plan of care and facilitate coordination of care on an ongoing basis to enhance outcomes.

Benefits of Care Management

  • Reduces trust expenditures by utilizing community and government resources, negotiating pricing with vendors, and streamlining care
  • Facilitates improved communication between the client, their support system, and trustee
  • Optimizes the client’s health and functional independence through continued coordination of care, advocacy, and resource management

Care Management Services

  • Develop an individualized plan of care with the client
  • Coordination of outpatient care and inpatient care services
  • Coordination of home health, equipment, and supplies
  • Wheelchair-accessible housing and transportation
  • Coordination of educational and vocational services
  • Coordination of benefits:
    SSS, SSDI, Medicaid, Medicare, Individual Health Insurance
  • Long-term residential care needs
  • Cost analysis and budget planning for long-term care needs

Care Management Objectives

  • Improve client’s quality of life and maximize independence
  • Preservation and supplementation of client’s resources
  • Improve access to services and reduce fragmentation of care
  • Ongoing evaluation and modification of the client’s plan of care
  • Community access and health promotion